Who are we?

We are fresh fruits provider for offices and customers in Penang Island.

We offer regular fruit delivery to offices and for other events and gift boxes in Penang island.

We strive to provide you with the best quality products and customer service we could.


Why fruit delivery for the office?

Most of us know that we need at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to maintain a healthy diet. However, how many of us actually consume this much of fruits and vegetables a day? With at least 1 meal a day eating out, it is difficult to get this much of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.


What can responsible and caring employers do to help their staffs in getting the sufficient daily servings of fruits and vegetables, in turn creating a healthy and happy workplace?

You can provide fresh fruits to your staff!

Many organizations are already providing fresh fruits to their staffs seeing the benefits of it.  Most of the companies who won in the Malaysia’s Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality 2017 are providing fruits to their employees as part of their workplace health interventions. (https://goo.gl/WPiMwS , https://goo.gl/wmf6HJ)

Some of the benefits that you can gain by providing fresh fruits to your staff which will help in creating a healthy workplace:


The best thing is providing fruits is an economical way of promoting corporate health initiatives!

It is time to show your employee your appreciation!


How can we help?

We, Hearty Garden in Penang, provide regular fruit box delivery to your office* depending on the size and budget of your organization, or you can choose from our range of boxes.

Besides providing regular fruit delivery to offices, we also provide other products and services like corporate gift/ door gift packages.  We also provide fruit gift boxes.  Please view our products available.

*Cover specific delivery areas.



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